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This is me

My name is Hilary I’m a wife and mother of three with a passion for business and entrepreneurship.

Being a Social Media Manager and entrepreneur has allowed me to turn my engineering degrees into something far greater than I ever imagined.

I hold two degrees (BS and MS) in Industrial Engineering and an MBA. 

So you’re probably wondering why is an engineer very much into digital marketing and ready to serve you in building a fabulous online presence?


Well continue reading below. Some of the skills I bring to the table include...... 

Content Strategy  Writing 
Social Media Management 

 Branding   Website Design

Events Content    Analytics 

Project Management

I guide companies
and entrepreneurs with all their social and digital

Like many entrepreneurs, we rarely start a business in our field of study, however I found that being an engineer gave me the ability to plan, manage and execute in the business arena far better than my creative contemporaries. 

Having been trained in project management the role of social media management and discipline of digital marketing seemed very natural as I have often compared a social media manager to a very elaborate project manager. 

I have a passion for technology and the developments have taken place especially in the area of data analytics and marketing, blending together to serve the marketing industry.  

If you're ready to place your digital needs in the hands of a twice over engineer and MBA graduate with the "in the trenches" experience of social media, then I'm your girl. 

Looking forward to connecting with you soon. 

Clients &


Here are just a few of the clients I have serviced over the years. From social event planning to full out social media strategy and management to website designs and build out.

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